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The mg国际首页 Online Promise

A successful learning experience can only occur if both the learner and instructor fulfill specific expectations for each other throughout the duration of the course. The mg国际首页 Online Promise is a demonstration of 6 reciprocal guarantees between mg国际首页 Online Learners and Faculty.

mg国际首页 Online Learners and Faculty are:

  • Prepared for Online Learning
  • Consistently Communicating
  • Actively Engaged
  • Accountable
  • Inclusive
  • Committed to Success

Faculty that exemplify The mg国际首页 Online Promise proudly display a certification mark on your course homepage in recognition of your dedication to online student success.

The mg国际首页 Online Promise includes 3-levels that our faculty can meet.

  1. Committed to Quality
  2. Quality Online Course
  3. High Quality Online Course
Commited to Quality badge
Quality Online Course badge
High-Quality Online Course badge

Committed to Quality

Step-1 of the mg国际首页 Online Promise is Committed to Quality. In this step, faculty commit to the six reciprocal guarantees outlined below. The faculty member meets with an instructional designer from Online Learning Services (OLS) at the beginning of a term, during mid-term reviews and, after the course has completed. At the beginning of the term, the instructional designer will review the course along with the faculty member's plan for meeting the six guarantees. The OLS instructional designer will also add the Committed to Quality badge to the course at this time. During the mid-term review, the faculty member and instructional designer will meet to review the course feedback and make any changes/improvements as necessary. After the course has ended, there will be a meeting to review any feedback from the end of course evaluations.

After completing the Committed to Quality step, a faculty member may wish to move to the next step, Quality Online Course by working with ITL for a peer-review of the course.

Students are expected to:


Therefore, faculty promise to:

Be ready and able to learn online with a computer, reliable internet and enough time to successfully complete your coursework. Prepared for Online Learning Be prepared to teach a quality online course that provides the guidance and resources students need to succeed.
Communicate with faculty and peers in a collegial manner and to seek out assistance if needed.
Consistently Communicating
Reply to student inquiries within two business days and create an online environment with a clear description of the opportunities for interaction with the instructor and other students.
Be an active participant in individual and group activities.
 Actively Engaged
Facilitate a variety of learning opportunities with rich, relevant content that supports active learning and engagement.
Act with academic integrity in relation to your instructor and peers, following all assessment guidelines and meeting established course deadlines.
Provide a clear description of assignments, due dates, and grading criteria by the first day of class; clearly communicate any adjustments to your syllabus and course schedule.
Value diverse perspectives and engage respectfully with peers and faculty of all backgrounds.
Teach an inclusive and accessible course that affirms the value of diversity and encourages each student to reach their fullest potential.
Seek out university resources to resolve any academic or technical challenges you may encounter.
Committed to Success
Provide proactive and timely feedback for assignments and assessments that creates pathways for improvement, increases knowledge and achievement, and ensures student learning.